Frequently Asked Questions

Please use the below accordion to find answers to our most frequently received questions.

Pricing Questions

How much does Kajeet@Home cost?

Kajeet@Home offers one simple data plan for $19.97 per month. Like phone bills, this is a monthly, recurring charge for however long you keep your Kajeet@Home service.

Additionally, you will need to purchase a Kajeet SmartSpot. This personal hotspot costs $99.97 and is a one-time charge.

Depending on your location, there will be taxes and fees associated with the SmartSpot purchase and/or data plan.

How long are the contracts? Do they automatically renew?

The Kajeet@Home data plan is a pre-paid monthly contract. It will automatically renew every month.

You can cancel anytime and you will not be charged the next month's fee.

Are there overage charges?

No. There are no overage charges.

There is a daily data limit of 500MB. If you use 500MB in one day, the service will automatically pause and resume the next calendar day.

Kajeet has found that 500MB of data is sufficient when only using the Internet for educational purposes. By filtering out gaming, social media, adult content, etc., significantly less data is needed by the student. This helps keep costs and prices low.

Do I have to purchase a SmartSpot device with my data plan?

Yes. Each SmartSpot is pre-configured to work with the specific network you have chosen and our Education Broadband service. It guarentees the best possible experience for the student and alleviates many issues that arise when using non-standard equipment.

Service Questions

What is Student-Friendly Internet?

We believe every student should have access to the Internet at home. However, the Web is a big place and so many things are not appropriate for kids, especially the younger ones. Parents and Guardians should be concerned about what students are viewing on their laptops or tablets.

There are hundreds of thousands of websites that ultimately help students learn. There are just as many that do not. Kids will find content that distracts, may be harmful or is even illegal.

What sets Kajeet apart from our competition is the ability to filter websites with our patented technology. With Kajeet, every SmartSpot device filters content anywhere, anytime.

Some of examples of sites Kajeet blocks includes, but is certainly not limited to:


  • Adult Images/Nudity/Profanity/Pornography
  • Gambling Alcohol/Drugs/Substance Abuse/Tobacco/etc.
  • Criminal Skills/Hate Speech/Weapons/etc.
  • Pay to Surf Advertising/Classifieds
  • Social Networking/Chat (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Sex Education
  • Entertainment/Games/Streaming Media/Netflix/Hulu/Pandora
  • Adware/Infected Hosts/Phising/Malformed
  • URL/Web Proxy/Viruses
  • File Sharing Instant Messaging/VOIP/File transfer

How much data do I receive with my plan?

Your SmartSpot comes with 500MB of educational data every data. We find that this is plenty of data for students to use for their students when streaming videos, non-educational gaming, and social media is not allowed.

If you hit the daily limit, the service will pause and reset the next day. There is no monthly limit.

Are Educational games allowed on Kajeet Education Broadband™?


Educators across the nation incorporate educational games into their daily curriculum. So much so that four of the top 10 educational websites visited by students were gaming. They include:


Many of these PBS KIDS games are so popular with both teachers and students because they manage to entertain while teaching valuable skills.  

For example, Socks in Space teaches students about the solar system while they help a friendly dog chase down missing socks.

Gamification in the classroom is on the rise as technology use continues to expand in and out of schools. Digital games engage students in an interactive manner while providing instant feedback on set goals. Additionally, teachers can use games as a way to engage students and provide motivation for students to focus on learning while at home.

Does Kajeet Support Google SafeSearch?


Google® SafeSearch™ blocks “Adult Content” in which search results, images, and videos that have been deemed as adult content will not show up in the browser. With SafeSearch on, sexually explicit video and images will be filtered from Google Search result pages, along with results that might link to explicit content. No filter is 100% accurate, but SafeSearch should help students avoid most adult images and sites.

Is YouTube® included?

No. At this time, YouTube is not allowed and cannot be accessed through a Kajeet@Home SmartSpot.

Does Kajeet allow for roaming?

Kajeet@Home does not allow for roaming. Our service is only available on our network provider towers. Students on, or near, the Canadian or Mexican borders do not have to worry about Kajeet Education Broadband service roaming on the network carriers in those countries.

Can a SmartSpot be used in countries other than the United States?

At this time, Kajeet@Home SmartSpots can only be used within the United States.

Will one SmartSpot work on multiple wireless networks?

No. Each carrier has their own specific Kajeet SmartSpot device. When you choose a network with your data plan, Kajeet will automatically provide your the SmartSpot associated with that network.

What is your return policy?

There is a 30-day return policy from the date of your purchase. You may cancel your Kajeet@Home plan for any reason.

Simply cancel your data plan within the first 30 days of purchase, send us back the SmartSpot, and we will refund you the price of the SmartSpot ($107.97). If you used less than 3GB of data, we will refund the price of your data plan ($19.97) too!

About Kajeet

Who is Kajeet?

When we started Kajeet in 2003, we wanted kids to be agile with technology, to be empowered and safe, and we wanted to help them respond with confidence to what's happening in their world. Not incidentally, we want parents, educators and guardians to be involved too. Being part of the mobile world is not just fun, it’s a shared responsibility.

We are the leading provider of educational Internet access in the nation. Every day, tens of thousands of students access Kajeet Education Broadband to succeed in school, increase test scores, and – ultimately – graduate.

What does Kajeet mean?

Kajeet is, appropriately enough, an acronym of the first letters of the names of the company's founders' children. For all of us who work at Kajeet, the name is a constant reminder that every day, in everything we do, we respect our customers as if they were our own kids. Plus, we just like the sound of it.

Who was Kajeet started by? Why was it started?

Daniel Neal and Ben Weintraub started Kajeet. Kajeet was started because we live in a technological world – there’s no escaping it! We believe technology companies need to respect students’ desires for the coolest gadgets, but also respect educators' needs to protect their students.

Today, and in the years to come, that’s exactly where Kajeet wants to be: facilitating the mutual respect students and educators have as mobile technology continues to be an essential tool for helping students navigate their world.